Michaelene Mundy: Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss

Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss


Sad Isn't Bad offers children of all ages a comforting, realistic look at loss--loaded with positive, life-affirming helps for coping with loss as a child. It's a book that promotes honest and healthy grief--and growth.n

Bursting with brilliant games and activities about all your favourite LEGO ranges, this awesome annual is a must-have for LEGO fans. With LEGO bricks and minifigures to build and play with too, this is the perfect Christmas gift. But when Adam graduates and takes an off-Broadway job in New York--at Nate's insistence--that certainty begins to flicker. Nate's friends can't keep his insecurities at bay, especially when he catches Skyped Sad Isn't Bad: A Good-grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss download ebook glimpses of Adam's shirtless roommate. Nate starts a blog to vent his frustrations and becomes the center of a school controversy, drawing ire and support in equal amounts. But it's the attention of a new boy who is looking for more than guidance that forces him to confront who and what he really wants. This volume is a treasure chest of classic Eastern tales drawing on the rich folklore of Turkey. Forty-four Turkish Fairy Tales has not been in print for almost 100 years, mainly because the original edition had lavish production standards. On the used market, mint copies of the 1913 original can cost up to four figures. This volume is appropriately titled Fairy Tales because something definitely 'fairy' occurs. There are talking animals, flying horses, birds that magically change into beautiful maidens, quests to win the hand of a princess, magical objects, simple, yet brave, peasants, wizards, witches, dragons and dungeons, epic journeys, and loveable fools. The majority of these stories contain encounters with 'Dews', or Turkish supernatural beings, better known in the West as 'Genies.' Sometimes the Turkish Dews are also called 'Arabs!' There are many other specifically Turkish elements and references in the stories, for which the glossary at the end of the book is of particular help. So this isn't simply an orientalised set of European Tales, but was drawn from an authentic Turkish oral storytelling tradition by Dr. Ignacz Kunos . Plus, there are almost 200 illustrations exquisitely crafted by Willy Pogany. While our production is not as lavish as the original, it does contain the original illustrations. Note: some of the illustrations could be considered unsuitable by 21st Century standards because they can be considered as caricatures with obvious ethnic stereotypes. However, in most cases, the illustrator is portraying imaginary creatures, which are supposed to be grotesque. Also to be remembered is the book was originally produced in 1913 when the world's attitudes towards racial tolerance and acceptance were quite different to those of today. 33% of the net will be donated to charities in Turkey for education scholarships

Author: Michaelene Mundy
Number of Pages: 1 pages
Published Date: 19 Oct 2006
Publisher: Abbey Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780870293214
Download Link: Click Here


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