John Sugden: Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake


More than four hundred years after his death, Sir Francis Drake remains one of the legendary figures of history. His career is one of the most colourful on record. The most daring of the corsairs who raided the West Indies and Spanish Main, he led the English into the Pacific, and cirumnavigated the world to bring home the Golden Hind laden with Spanish treasure. His attacks on Spanish cities and ships transformed his private war into a struggle for surivival between Protestant England and Catholic Spain, in which he became Elizabeth I's most prominent admiral. His exploits marked the emergence of England as a major maritime nation.

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Author: John Sugden
Number of Pages: 400 pages
Published Date: 27 Jun 2006
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781844137626
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