Victoria Dahl: Flirting with Disaster

Flirting with Disaster


There's no hiding from sizzling chemistry... Artist Isabelle West has good reasons for preferring a solitary life. Tucked away in a cabin in the woods, she has everything she needs...except a red-hot love life. That is, until a hard-bodied US marshal threatens to unearth secrets she's spent years protecting. But giving in to the sparks flying between them can only lead to one thing...disaster. Tom Duncan lives by the letter of the law. But no one has tempted him--or confused him--more than free-spirited Isabelle, who arouses his suspicion and his desire. As their connection grows, and their nights get hotter, they find their wild attraction might shake everything he stands for--and expose everything she has to hide. Bonus "Girls' Night Out" novella, "Fanning the Flames," included!

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Author: Victoria Dahl
Number of Pages: 384 pages
Published Date: 27 Jan 2015
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Publication Country: Don Mills, Ontario, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780373779116
Download Link: Click Here


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